Nature and

Nature is the inspiration for all our collections.
As a matter of fact, natural fibers and natural resources are Glamour’s real passion, not only an ethical mission.
We have always tried to create an harmonious connection with what surrounds us. We strongly believe in the unicity of the earth and in its safeguard, and we work to create high quality fabrics with ethics.
Natural fibers respect the enviroment and guarantee a perfect combination between well-being, economics and ethics. All fabrics made with natural fibers are produced using mechanical processes, without any chemical contamination that alters the structure.


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The fundamental premise of our company is we believe in a set of values at the service of others. Not only integrity and responsibility but also loyalty, spirit of collaboration, coherence, transparency, fairness, customer protection and culture, that enable us to express and distinguish ourselves as real citizens of the world.

The experience and preparation of our staff allows us to work internationally, always ensuring high quality and professionalism standards.
Environmental Sustainability and Functionality become Vision. Essential elements for a correct sense of citizenship and respect of our Planet. A respect that we owe to future generations.


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Design Forever

6-12 June 2022

Palazzo Bovara
Corso Venezia, 51

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With this collection comes a new concept of fabric, which combines the elegance and the prestige of fabrics, traditionally used in the residential area, with the resistance and the high technical performance typical of contract.


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Virtual Suitcase

Register to look our collections, within the area you can view all colours available, download technical data sheets and also high resolution images.


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